About Me

Working for BEtv

Who am I you may ask…Well as by way of introduction my name is Mark Phelan and more than anything I am a badminton loving nut. I am lucky in so far as I get to earn my living from the sport I love which is proof that if you love and are passionate enough about something there is always the chance that you will make a living from it.

I started off working for www.badzine.net and really cut my teeth there. Both Don and Raph gave me free rein to write and report as I wanted and for that I will be forever grateful. I have covered many of the top tournaments around Europe for Badzine, including The All Englands for 5 years, and every now and again pop back in to cover some events for what must be now one of the biggest badminton websites in the world.

I also went back and studied photography as that was always my first love. Before long I found my way to Badminton Europe and I currently work for the guys as Badminton Europe as a writer, photographer and more recently as a commentator and analyst fo Badminton Europe TV.

This wonderful opportunity allows me to travel the Badminton Europe circuit and to do what I love to do..cover Badminton tournaments.

I have had many wonderful experiences to date and now I will hopefully bring you those experiences here, old school, with this blog.



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