10 years of www.badzine.net

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
The Logo, The Brand

The Logo, The Brand

The world’s most popular badminton webzine is 10 years old this month. Raphael Sachetat and his friend Jeff Chauveau began the journey back in August 2003 in an effort to bring badminton news firstly to the people of France before later starting the international version of the popular website which today is one of the premier badminton websites in the world.

Initially the guys had little intent on their blog being anything more than fun but the labour of love soon turned into a passion to deliver quality news and along with professional on site photos the badzine brand soon became a one stop shop for every badminton fan.

As badzine went international in 2006 with its English language version so to did its popularity and what makes the story all the more special is that all the contributors give their time purely on a voluntary basis.

I myself found my feet in the badminton world at badzine and I have fond memories of many trips to All England and French Opens between 2007 & 2010. I like to think I still hold the record for most articles in one day from a singles event when, as an over enthusiastic greenhorn, I wrote 8 articles (of dubious quality I must add) on the first days play of the 2008 All England.

What makes Badzine work is the spirit in which it operates. Raphael Sachetat has been its leading light since its inception and his trusty sidekick Don Hearn has been the unsung hero of the whole operation for as long as I can remember.

These two guys welcome newbies with open arms and once you have a computer, an ability to work on only a few hours’ sleep and a passion for the sport then you are a perfect candidate for a badzine apprenticeship.

Badzine is special in so many ways. It journalism in its rawest form with and when an article is posted on its platform you can rest assured that it has been compiled from the heart with its writer driven by passion and love for the sport which only serves to seeps into the veins of the end reader.

Not one member of the team has ever made a single Euro from their involvement in the website and for most it costs money to cover events and god only knows how much money people like Raph, Jeff and Don have invested in its development.

The Man behind Badzine - Raphael Sachetat

The Man behind Badzine – Raphael Sachetat

The thing that has remained consistent over the course of Badzines 10 years online has been the requirement for international badminton news delivered in a professional manner. Badzine has been consistent in that delivery even when almost unsurmountable obstacles were put in the way.

I remember vividly the change over to the .net platform and the shift from the joomla to wordpress and all the week before the 2010 worlds in Paris if I remember correctly. We had to learn by doing and somehow we came through and delivered every day from Paris. It was teamwork that got us through that week and without the leadership of Raph we probably would have sunk.

So if you have a passion for the game and you like to express your views in a professional environment you could do a lot worse than giving Raph & Don a call. The guys are always looking for new volunteers to help out both on and off site and to write for badzine should be on the bucket list of every budding badminton journalists. I did it and it was the making of me and I owe all I have in Badminton to my good friend Raph and his band of merry volunteers.

As part of badzine’s anniversary I look forward to travelling to the Denmark Open this year to deliver on site coverage each day.

Onwards and Upwards BADZINE!!


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