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Konon Looks on

Konon Looks on (Photo: Badminton Photo)

It’s not very often I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat and shouting at my laptop screen when it comes to watching badminton. I suppose more often than not I get to experience it live for myself and when it comes to sport nothing can really replace being physically there absorbing the atmosphere.

Today, for me personally, was one of those rare occasions when the grass did not get cut, the dishwasher did not get emptied and the dog was lucky to get fed.

Today Team Germany had me on the edge of my seat and at times had the hair standing on the back of my neck because today Team Germany, against the odds, defeated the hosts Malaysia and established themselves once again in the world’s top 8.

I think most had the Germans written off on the lead up to this Sudirman Cup but as I have seen so many times in the past the Germans have a unique team spirit and when the going gets tough the Germans get going.

There are always the constant questions over the average age of these German teams but at this stage who are we to argue and afterall age is only really a number.

Without Schenk and without Zwiebler, two world class players, the Germans came through today’s match against Malaysia when they looked dead and buried needing the last two matches to make it through.

Michels & Fuchs passion at its best.

Michels & Fuchs passion at its best. (Photo Badminton Photo)

Up steps Olga Konon, as player who I have always said has world class potential, and delivers a hammer blow to the Malaysians with a singles performance that has surely announced her arrival on the world scene. Konon’s display and victory clearly had a momentum shifting effect. We must remember this Belarussian native has come a long long way to be a part of this team and has enough career setbacks to test the resolve of any athlete. Today Konon came of age!

Konon’s performance had the Malaysians on the ropes all that was needed now was the someone to deliver the knockout blow. Seconds out final round!!  Enter Birgit Michels and Johanna Golzizewski to finish the job off which the duly did, albeit under a stiff resistance from the Malaysians. It was a magic day for Michels after a win alongside partner Michael (Mr Germany)Fuchs in the opening salvo.

It was one of those games that made me proud to be European and made me very envious of the desire and will to win of this German team. There celebration after has almost become a ritual at this stage but when you win a match like that you deserve to celebrate. Let’s just hope the referee sees it like that.

Not a thing done in my house this afternoon thanks to Germany but man it was worth it as there really is nothing quite like team badminton.

(Photos courtesy of  Badminton Photo)