And Now I Have Seen It All…

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

David the artist

It appeared to be just another normal day at the Polish Open. All the matches were running on time and the tournament was going according to plan for everyone.

Well everyone except Sophie Brown that is. Sophie arrived on court to play her semi final and came to the tournament without her name on the back of her shirts. From my knowledge at International Series level a player must have their name on their back from semi final onwards. I don’t think anyone told Sophie that!!

The referee informed Sophie than she could not play without her name on her shirt and with no other shirts in her bag the experienced old head of David Lindley decided there was only one thing for it….somehow write her name on the back of her shirt.

The photo shows David in the middle of writing BROWN on the back of Sophie’s shirt in what looks something very close to pritstick glue.

As a coach you never really know what is going to come around the next corner but one thing is for sure David does not have a career in sign writing.

What a really funny incident.


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