Olympics 2012 – Photo of the Day.

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Baun embraces Sato

After the worst 48 hours in the history of our sport this picture serves as a timely reminder that the true meaning of the Olympic spirit is alive and well.

Sayaka Sato from Japan had started the opening game against an under par Tine Baun. The Japanese led 11-5 before Baun started to settle into the game.

The Dane slowly started to reel her opponent in but Sato still looked in control of the game at 16-13 when disaster struck. After a hard left turn to her backhand side the Japanese went down like a tonne of bricks holding her knee.

The tears were flowing from Sato’s eyes as she tried to continue with the next few rallies but all was in vein. Her coach was forced to come off his seat to stop her from continuing. She did not want to give up and she tried with everything she had to continue.

Finally the realisation sunk in for Sato. Her Olympics had come to a premature end and she could not hold back the tears. In an emotional show of support Tine Baun came across from her side of the net and embraced her opponent as only Tine could do.

A heart wrenching, lump in the throat moment that embraces the Olympic spirit.

This photo was taken by my colleague Yves Lacroix of Badminton Photo.


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