Olympics 2012 – Magee Victory after a nervous start

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Magee in action againt Hosny

Ok Ok Ok I know this is probably pushing the boat out to far but as a proud Irishman there is nothing that compares to seeing one of your own be successful so on a personal note watching Chloe Magee win her first match at the 2012 Olympics was the highlight of day 2. And this is my blog so I can write what I want to write….right?

It was a mental test for Chloe as she had to deal with the crazy atmosphere in the hall as GB’s Rajiv Ouseph was playing on the adjoining court. The hall, throughout the day got warmer and warmer so by the time Chloe came on court, an hour later than scheduled, the on court temperatures were almost unbearable.

I have been around the badminton block a few times and I dont ever remember feeling as nervous before any match as I did for this game and all I was doing was sitting there watching so I can only imagine how Chloe Magee felt.

It was a nervy and edgy start for Chloe as the first set ebbed and flowed but the Raphoe girl never really looked in trouble and the 21-17 score line slightly flattered her opponent Hosny from Egypt.

“I had been bussing around all day and the hour delay did not help matters. For a while I found it hard as the crowd were so noisy supporting Raj on the court next to me” Chloe explained after her victory.

Once the first game was in the bag Magee settled and the second game was over before it began. A 21-6 win and Chloe had achieved what she set out to achieve.

“The second set went much more according to plan and even though there were GB flags everywhere for Rajiv I could see so many Irish flags also which really spurred me on.”

Looking ahead Magee was not giving much away about the group showdown with Pi Hongyan of France. Chloe played Hongyan at the Irish International back in December and could have beaten the French number 1 on that occasion but one thing is clear this is a huge opportunity now for her to progress.

“When I looked at the draw I saw it as a real opportunity. I could not have expected anything better. But Hongyan has been at the top of world badminton for a decade and I have never beaten her”

I am sure Chloe will be keeping an eye on the Hongyan V Hosny match today as part of her preparation for the group showdown. The match is sure to give everyone an indication in relation to the French woman’s form after a year that has been plagued by injury.

Right….I’m off as its time to inflate the big plastic hammer again. Another big day in store for Irish badminton as its Scott Evans against a little known Chinese by the name of Lin Dan.


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