Olympics 2012 – What a difference a year makes.

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

A struggle for the British pair at Olympics

What a difference a year makes. From winning silver at the World championships in 2011 to being knocked out of your home Olympics before the group stage has even concluded and all these emotions experienced in the one Arena.

It has been a really tough 2 days from Chris Adcock and Imogen Bankier and seeing Imogen crying after her defeat was tough to watch.  Not long after Sabrina Jaquet was almost unable to speak to me after her defeat to Saina Nehwal as the emotion of the moments and the event coursed through her veins.

You can read about the day’s happenings in Wembley by clicking HERE

  1. Phil says:

    Well to be honest the WC ’11 were the only great result in a big tournament for the British pair. They really played good back then but their style can’t surprise anyone anymore. If you take away their impressive result at last years WC their world ranking would be around the Russians and Germans which they lost against.

    • frank the tank says:

      But you cant take their WC silver away..am disapointed for both adcock n bankier they must have been under extreme pressure in the build up to olympics..two great badminton ambasadors.. keep it lit.

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