Alan talks about his Belgian Warriors.

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The General in action

Being Irish I have certain infinity with the Scots. Our Celtic routes and similar sense of humour is something that goes back centuries. Not to mention ‘Braveheart’ which singlehandedly cemented Scottish-Irish relations for future millennia.

In Badminton terms, Alan McIlvain is one of those Scots that stands out from the crowd. He can be regularly seen on tour conducting the Belgian orchestra in his capacity as head coach. With the Olympics just about to kick off (yes I know the games have started but come on all us badminton people know the games does not really start until the first shuttle is hit) badminton in Belgium has hit a new high with the qualification of both Yuhan and Lianne Tan.

I think the players themselves would agree that a lot of the credit for this achievement would fall at the feet of Alan and certainly from my observations on tour all the Belgian players have a certain ‘soft spot’ for the unassuming Scot.

In the lead up to the Olympics Alan narrates a short video about his Belgian players and their development in this Olympic period. Just click HERE to view the video.

By pure coincidence I recently did a piece about the Tan siblings on the run up to the games. To read the article and all BWF Olympics related editorials just click HERE


  1. Great article Mark.
    See you in London or in Belgium

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