Picture of the Week

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

This ones for you!

The Olympics is upon us and we are all looking forward to seeing the images both moving and static from the London games. It seems like only yesterday the circus was in Beijing and so many players have come, gone and retired since those games 4 years ago.

With Beijing in mind and looking ahead to London I remember this amazing photo taken by my colleagues at Badminton Photo of Canada’s own Anna Rice. I worked a little bit with Anna at the time on her website so I was somewhat in touch with the emotion associated with this image.

Anna had just lost her grandmother in the weeks preceding the games in Beijing and knowing Anna at the time her grandmother was a huge influence in her life. This photo was taken after her epic three set win over Eva Lee in the first round and Anna pointed to the heavens as if to salute her grandmother after winning the match.

We all know a picture tells a thousand words and in this case the guys at badminton photo captured the emotional release experienced by Rice as she signalled to her grandmother looking down on her.

An emotional moment indeed for Anna and the guys at badminton photo in the right place at the right time as usual.

Roll on London!!

  1. Vic Lopez says:

    go anna we’re on your side…….go fight…… fight……for the countrry,we love you…..

  2. Solenn says:

    I remember this moment so well – Anna – we know who had the “Best seat in the House” 🙂

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