Solibad Flashmob – Come on get involved!

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Never to late to make a difference

After a very successful flashmob in 2011 with 65 cities taking part, Solibad the badminton charity will once again hold its legendary flashmob around the world with over 100 cities already signed up for the extravaganza on September 29th.

The September Flashmob is not just about raising funds but also building awareness about the many projects that Solibad is currently involved in globally. This year many of badmintons top stars will lead the Flashmobs worldwide with a new Solibad dance to accompany this new 2012 Flashmob.

Click HERE to go to the official flashmob site and view the video from the 2011 edition and click HERE to watch the video of a night with the stars as part of the Solibad celebrations in 2012.

(OHhhhhhhh and I look forward to the day when Solibad have media people as Ambassadors)

I will be at the Flashmob in Brno in the Czech Republic on September 29th. Where will you be??

  1. Marion says:

    I will also be in the Czech Republic the 29th!!!!

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