Gade – Retire or Not, Poll Results.

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Overwhelming Support for Gade

Two weeks ago I asked the question via online Poll, should Peter Gade have retired earlier? Along with the option of a yes or no answer I offered the opportunity to give some comment to accompany your vote. The maximum quota of votes was set at 300 and that quota was reached over the weekend.

It came as no real surprise to me that there is still huge support for Gade out there in Badmintonland but what was a surprise was the level of support based on the results found.

Out of the 300 poll votes cast a massive 284 voted ‘NO’ Gade should not have retired earlier.

Only 16 voted ‘YES’ he should have retired earlier.

In percentage terms that is just about 95% support for Gade which by any measure is conclusive.

Some of the comments of support were as follows. In all there were 61 comments to accompany ‘No’ votes. There were no comments by any who voted ‘YES’

“He’s still in with a fighting chance in almost every match he plays. He knows what he has to do to reach his target at the Olympics and assuming he can get over his injury troubles, he has the potential to perform well. Let’s give him the chance, he deserves it…”

“No because I understand his desire to make the Olympics his last tournament and he still is capable of playing great badminton, even if he cannot do it consistently. He is still a great player and deserves a chance at the Olympic medal.”

“None of us mere mortals are in any position to question Peter Gades motives.”




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