Player 2 Player – Konon V Fladberg

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Konon winning in Belgium

It’s time for another instalment of Player 2 Player questions. Again two willing victims have agreed to set and then answer questions without knowing the identity of their P2P pen friend.

I have just realised that a pattern is starting to emerge where its the girl that asks the questions and the boy who answers. (note to self, change this for future editions)

Asking the questions this time is Germany’s Olga Konon. Olga will be remembered for her part helping Germany to lift the women’s team title this year in Amsterdam breaking the stranglehold of Denmark. Olga is also a multiple winner on the BE circuit  and burst onto the international badminton scene with a dramatic win over Wang Shixian in the French open in 2009.

Answering the questions is one of Denmark’s young guns, Rasmus Fladberg. Rasmus started life as a doubles specialist and won the Swedish International in 2011 while still a junior with his partner Kim Astrup. Rasmus won silver medal at the European Juniors in men’s singles behind Viktor Axelsen and has since concentrated on men’s singles and won his first senior international at the Croatian International in 2011. Rasmus was also part of the Danish team that won the European Men’s Team Championship in 2012

 1. Olga: What would be the first thing you would do if today was your last day? Rasmus: I would spend it with the ones I care about – my family and friends. They make me happy, and it’s certain that you can never use enough time with them.

2. Olga: What’s your own definition of happiness ? Rasmus: Happiness is something which comes deep inside everyone and brings dozens of good feelings along. Your’re the only one to count and decide what matters in the sense of being happy.

3. Olga: What is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge? Rasmus: Personally, my biggest challenge is to turn down my own ambitions. Whetever I’m at university, on the court or at home I tend to get the feeling that nothing but the very best is good enough. This perfectionistic characteristica seems to struggle with my temper and causes frustrations when I don’t succeed. But I’m trying to deal with this accepting the fact that you can’t be perfect all the time.

4. Olga: Are you a good dancer and how would you describe yourself as a dancer? Rasmus: I’m an extremely talented dancer (if dancing wasn’t about moving legs and arms simultaneously). especially I do very well in the specific genre called “monkey dance”, which is well spread among the danish youth.My dancing career peaked with lanciers at the ball on my previous school. This memorable event started and stopped my dancing career as well.

5. Olga: Where would you take a girl on a first date? Rasmus: I would definitely take her to the Frederiksberg Gardens. I live in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) and in the middle of all traffic and noise you’ll find this charming and wonderful piece of nature with tons of nice places to go.

6. Olga: What was the best advice you were ever been given? Rasmus: I was once told the quote “Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues”. Even though you properly can’t call it an advice – this is how it has worked out for me.

Fladberg on winning ways

7. Olga: What would I find in your refrigerator now? Rasmus: You will properly find what’s left of yesterdays hot and spicy Wok-dish. I love this kind of food where you can experiment and mix all kinds of different ingredients into one dish. Otherwise I’ll have what is needed in a refrigerator, all the basics.

8. Olga: How often do you check yourself out in the mirror, hair, body, clothes etc.? (be honest)  Rasmus: Honestly I don’t check myself out in the mirror every morning before a session in hall. My teammates will sign for that for sure. But otherwise, when I go to uni or anything else I will check myself in the mirror. We are all a bit perfectionistic about our looks in some manner, aren’t we?

9. Olga: What was your most embarrassing moment connected to badminton? ( tournament, training, etc.) Rasmus:Was probably my match against Kevin Cordon in Croatia International 2011. Have never felt so embarrased at court as nothing in my game seemed to strike.

10. Olga: What drives you mad? Rasmus: It drives me mad when people take things for granted, not willing to help each other out. This is the first thing we could do, so why shouldn’t we?


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