Player 2 Player – 10 questions from the unknown to the unknown.

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Severine in action

Us badminton writers and journalists are used to asking the players questions. Sometimes I feel the players must cringe at some of the questions we ask and I assume that more often than not the players have to answer the same questions over and over again. This got me thinking; why not get the players to ask each other questions for the sheer fun of it.

So this Player 2 Player feature evolved. The rules are simple, get a random player to set 10 questions of their choice. I send these questions to another player to answer. Neither player knows the others identity the only thing they can be assured of is that if it is a female asking the questions it will be a male answering and vice versa. Both players get to know who their P2P partner is when the questions and answers get publish. Remember neither player knows the others identity!

So let’s get started. I decided to start with a female player from Belgium to ask the questions. That player being Severine Corvilian the Belgium mixed and doubles specialist. I choose ‘Sisi’ as I know there is a little bit of a wild streak in her and I knew her questions would be interesting.

The willing victim this time was my friend Scott Evans. Scott is always up for a laugh and I decided to stay close to home for the first instalment of answers and of course both their names begin with ‘S’ so that seemed logical and finally I expect both of them to publicise the blog and article through their extensive facebook network hehehehe.

Q1 Severine: What is the one thing you have ever done which you never want to be caught doing?

A1 Scott. Like all men sometimes the call of nature becomes difficult to hold so like all men I have had to go to the toilet outside which is not something you want to get caught doing.

Q2 Severine: Would you rather be smart and ugly or dumb and beautiful?
A2 Scott:  Definitely smart and ugly. Brains will always succeed over beauty and anyway beauty comes from within right?

Q3 Severine: If you could travel through time and meet yourself when you were a kid what would you say?
A3 Scott: I would tell myself to follow my dreams and in my case that would have been to go to Denmark even earlier than I did so I could have started full time badminton training even earlier than I did.

Q4 Severine: If you had one superhero ability what would it be?

A4 Scott: I would be invisible. So many great things can happen J

Q5 Severine: What part of your body has never gotten sunburned?

A5 Scott:  My rear end. Imagine the pain and anyway I don’t really sun burn that much but remember kids always wear sun block.

Q6 Severine: What is the most stupid thing you’ve ever done (or said to someone)?

A6 Scott: Hmmmm hard to remember or pick one single instance but I do remember losing a quarter court match the first day I came to Gentofte in Denmark. Straight after losing I pulled my pants down as a punishment for loosing. As soon as I did that, the chairman of the club walked in to say hello and I stood with my pants around my ankles. Was not the smartest thing I have done.

 Q7 Severine: On court, have you ever cheated or when an umpire made a wrong call in your favour kept the shuttle? If yes, how did you feel?

A7 Scott: Yes I have but to me that is part of the game in my opinion. I think it happens to both players on both sides of the net in the majority of matches and both players 99.9% of the time say nothing. So in a way it works both ways and cancels itself out.

Scott at the Europeans

Q8 Severine: If you suddenly found yourself turned into a female badminton player who would you be and why?A9 Scott: Mia Audina without a doubt. Her insane around the head shot is stuff of legend.

Q9 Severine: Gifted with a racket in your hand… but what else can you “handle”?

A9 Scott:  My mum always said I can do or handle anything but growing up back home in Ireland I was pretty lethal with a hockey stick so I am told.

Q10 Severine: Assuming every man has their price, what is yours?

A10 Scott: well most men measure price as a monetary thing even though I’m not sure the question is directed in that way but for sure give me a million euro and I will pretty much do anything.

A big thanks to Severine and Scott for taking up this challenge. Its all just a bit of fun for your lunchtime!!


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