A simple one question survey.

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Gade at Europeans in Sweden

We all know that he has been the greatest European badminton player of the last decade and more. We all know that in terms of his stature in the game there are not many to compete against him. His record speaks for itself but there were some who said he should have walked away after his European defeat. He has struggled on court over the past year through a combination of injury and lack of form. Many have talked about it and for me it is a difficult question to even ask as who am I to question the great Danes motivation. But lets put it to a poll.  Do you feel Peter Gade has gone on maybe 6 to 9 months to far in his amazing career? (For the record I voted NO)

N.B.  I have also added a comment tab which will allow voters to explain their reasons for voting either YES or NO. The results will be posted after a quota of answers has been reached.

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