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We all know that Europe is certianly up against it to achieve a medal at the upcoming Olympic Games. But who do you think has the best chance? Will the great Dane Gade find some form or will the pretender to the throne, Jan O Jorgensen upstage Europe’s greatest player.

Will Tine finally shine in a major and can the Polish mixed doubles upset all the odds and continue the form that saw them lift the European gold medal in Sweden.

My money is on Matuesiak and Zieba in what is Roberts 4th Olympics. I think they have the credentials to lift a medal for Europe…What do you think?


As a Badine Writer

Welcome to my Badminton Bluffers Blog or BBB for short. All the opinions expressed here will be my own unless otherwise stated.

Who am I you may ask…Well as by way of introduction my name is Mark Phelan and more than anything I am a badminton loving nut. I am lucky in so far as I get to earn my living from the sport I love which is proof that if you love and are passionate enough about something there is always the chance that you will make a living from it.

I started off working for and really cut my teeth there. Both Don and Raph gave me free rein to write and report as I wanted and for that I will be forever grateful. I have covered many of the top tournaments around Europe for Badzine and ever now and again pop back in to cover some events for what must be now one of the biggest badminton websites in the world.

I also went back and studied photography as that was always my first love. Before long I found my way to Badminton Europe and I currently work for the guys as Badminton Europe as a writer, photographer and more recently as a commentator and analyst fo Badminton Europe TV.

This wonderful opportunity allows me to travel the Badminton Europe circuit and to do what I love to do..cover Badminton tournaments.

I have had many wonderful experiences to date and now I will hopefully bring you those experiences here, old school, with this blog.

Next for me will be the Olympic Games as part of the BWF media team which I am sooooo looking forward to then the new season around Europe will kick off again in September.

Hopefully you enjoy my comment which I know at some point will be somewhat controversial but as I say these are my views about the sport I love and of course your comments will always be welcome.

I look forward to this journey.